good books good company Closes the Calendar Year With Christmas Fare

Yesterday a good number of our members gathered for food, beverages, and conversation. at Tumblesalts Cafe in North Providence. We had a lively discussion of our annual Christmas selection. This year’s book, suggested by Mary, was the inimitable Fanny Flagg’s charmer, A Redbird Christmas. Everyone agreed that the light fare was just what we needed at this busy time of year and after a rough year-and-a-half of life during Covid.

Noted was the pleasure of reading a book about, well, nice people, and though the many threads may have been tied up a bit too neatly at the end and some of the story unbelievable, it didn’t matter. A Redbird Christmas succeeds in doing exactly what Flagg intended, to be a feel-good Christmas story of love, friendship, and community.

Merry Christmas!

About connieciampanelli

I am the administrator of this page on behalf of our book club. I retired from La Salle Academy after serving as a secretary in The Admission and School/College Counseling offices to a total of fourteen years. A lifelong avid reader with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, Major in English, I read as I breathe, meaning reading is like the oxygen that keeps me alive.
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