GRGC: Great Recommendations Great Company, too!

Thank you, thank you for another wonderful year of GBGC fellowship! One of the absolute joys of our book club is the never ending wealth of great reads that we put forward to share, consider sharing, or to simply consider reading individually. Thanks to GBGC my bedside table is never empty.

Additionally, Connie’s meeting round ups and personal book reviews are always outstanding! With much gratitude for your thoughtful, honest, and beautiful posts dear friend.

Speaking to Kendra in passing recently, she also shared a wonderful book podcast/blog/reader’s advisory resource that she loves. I finally had a chance to check it out, and I know for certain that I will return many times in the future. Here it is if you would like to explore!

Modern Miss Darcy:

Thanks so much Kendra!

Wishing one and all a wonderful Summer 2022 and looking forward to seeing you to discuss The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah in August.



About rtrissler

I am the Head Librarian at La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island. I moderate a faculty/staff book club as well as one for students in Grades 9-12. As a lifelong promoter of literacy and the love of reading I continue to propose that there is always time to S-Q-E-E-Z-E in one more good book!
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2 Responses to GRGC: Great Recommendations Great Company, too!

  1. connieciampanelli says:

    thank you, Rosanne.
    good books good company has been a wonderful gathering of readers who are friends (or friends who are readers!) for many years. One of the delights is in immersing oneself into reading that one might not have chosen, opportunities to expand our horizons and sometimes even find some unexpected joy.
    It’s been a pleasure to moderate the blog and post a few reviews (a mere fraction of those I write for goodreads).
    I’m a big fan of Kristen Hannah and am anticipating opening the pages of “Four Winds.”


    • connieciampanelli says:

      P.S. Kendra, thank you for suggesting Modern Mrs. Darcy and thank you Rosanne for posting it here. I have subscribed and already see a podcast or two that I plan to listen to.


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